Two-for-One: Clinton Library Stories

From KATV in Little Rock, two stories on the soon- to-be-open Clinton Presidential Library, the first about placement of declassified documents (only President Bush can declassify them sooner than five years), and the second about a forum on racial reconciliation planned for the opening events; read all about it!

  • declassified docs
  • racial reconciliation forum

    Update: 09/20 19:25 EST by B:Want to get YOUR NAME into the Presidential Library? This website will be collecting get well wishes to send to President Clinton, now recuperating at home from his bypass surgery.

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    declassified docs

    Interesting...excuse me but could you hand me my smoking gun...I think I left it behind that bush.

    2 Patrons

    2 Patrons have asked for the address to send Get well cards to Clinton. Very nice of them, odd but nice. I provided his office address in NY rather than the Arkansas address. I figured he would be recuperating close to the hospital.

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