Librarians dress nasty? But not sexy?


Jeanie Straub writes "A fashion cover story quotes a source as describing the lastest look as being 'kind of like the nasty-librarian look, with the bow blouses tied at the neck and pencil skirts that hit right below the knee, but it's all done in a feminine, sexy way.' As if librarians are nasty-nasty and not nasty in the positive sense. If the fashion editor had scoured the Denver metro area she would have found librarians displaying greater style and taste than any journalist. (But at least we're not forever tied to donut shops.) More from Rocky Mountain News. "


has anyone seen the most recent anthropologie catalog? (btw - i had no idea it was a clothing line.) the models are all posed as "nasty-librarians", and dressed in *typical* librarian dress. however, the catalog was brought to my attention by one of my overly-friendly male patrons who thought that i would appreciate him helping me out with my clothing (or perhaps posing) choices.

There was quite a discussion about dress for librarians on the LibRef-L discussion list some time ago. Go to the list archives and enter "dress" in the sdearch term for some of the postings. See: l

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