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highlights. A study predicts a strong book
publishing future but a survey shows that Internet users
prefer the paper kind....Internet Users Prefer Paper Books
Associated Press: September 21, 2000. Of the more than 1,000 respondents to Publishers Weekly\'s \"Consumer Book
Buying Study 2000,\" all were Internet users who have
purchased a book from July 1999 untill July 2000. Nearly
all said that e-books would not replace the paper kind,
perhaps because only 60 percent were familiar with the new
medium. The survey showed a satisfaction rating of online
book buying to be 8.2 because of titles\' availability and
the convenience. Amazon was the most popular online
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Studies Predict Strong Book Market Future
Publishers Weekly: September 18, 2000. An entertainment and media industries growth prospects study by
PricewaterhouseCoopers predicts that during the next four
years the book publishing market will be hugely impacted by
electronic publishing. The report projects more than one
fourth of book sales will be e-books, print-on-demand
titles, or other material downloaded from the Internet.
Although it expects total spending on books will increase,
the study forecasts a 13.7 percent drop in print title sales
and expects that publishers\' margins will still be
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