Illinois Libraries Get Unlimited Access To OCLC Services

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Illinois libraries have unlimited use of OCLC cataloguing, resource sharing, content management and FirstSearch reference services under terms of a new three-year agreement.Services will support and be supported by the Statewide Illinois Library Catalog (SILC), a group online union catalogue created by Illinois libraries and OCLC that gives all Illinois citizens access to the more than 55 million items held in libraries throughout the state. That's according to a recent OCLC statement.

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Daniel adds, Montana also has a statewide contract for OCLC services. Hopefully some states, at least the small ones, can jump on this bandwagon too! Is there anyone from Montana to comment on how well this arrangement is working out?


but there are two sides to this story.

Although I had an issue in the assessment for our library, Jean should be applauded for leading this effort for flat pricing.

That said, the ISL via our local library system, (unique organizational structure for Illinois libraries) has mandated OCLC as the sole source for bib record imports for the system ILS. Fortunately my library has very little to do with our local library system though for small school and public libraries, this mandate for "OCLC only" is very expensive.

One could also argue I suppose that the ISL has essentially protected a statewide monopoly for OCLC.

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