"Laura Bush has a lot of work to do in shoring up her base."

documentation boy sends NY Times column by David Brooks : Librarians -- "word" people -- donate to Kerry over Bush by 223 to 1.


Very interesting figures here for those who would want to know who gave what to whom. Are we counting soft money too?

They do require listing occupation when you make a donation. The reporst are kind of interesting the vast majority of donors to any local candidate were lawyers, I looked at the reports while waiting for the results on Florida's primaries a few weeks ago.

I donated 50 times more money to 527's than I did to Bush. Then again I only gave Bush 20 bucks which they have wasted in postage dunning me for more money. I am on every Republican mailing list(all of those are wrinkled or torn in my mailbox I think my postman is a Green.)

I do have 1 Librarians for Bush sticker left if anyone wants it. Drop me a note.

What's with the title of this thread anyhow?

We're called conservative librarians. Few and far between yes but we exist none the less.

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