Comic Books of the 50s


Anonymous Patron writes "Comic Books of the 50s Explores one of the most turbulent and interesting decades in American comic book history--The 1950s. A collection compiled and maintained by: Michael R. Lavin, librarian at SUNY Buffalo. Unfortunatly the site hasn't been updated in 2 years, but The Crusade against Comic Books is an interesting read."


If it hadn't been for little comic books that came in cereal packages, I probably wouldn't have read any of the "classics." They were much better than decoder rings.

I'd say this decade will make the 50's look calm.

The crusade against comics was a legitmate one. I wrote a little bit about it on my site here.
under 're:Cycles' There's a pic there from one of the comics that started the uproar.

There needs to be a new crusade because comics have gotten even worse. You can read why here.

There needs to be a new crusade because comics have gotten even worse.

Why not just burn everything in the libraries and shut them all down? After all, you'd save a bundle on tax-dollars that way.

Such depth.

This isn't about libraries. Let me put it in liberal speak: a big nasty evil corporation [WB] through one of their child companies [DC] is marketing adult material to children.

Do I think they are doing it intentionally? No, the WB probably don't have a clue, but both DC and WB need to decide whether their products are meant for all-ages or adults only.

Greg, there is nothing that cannot be found offensive to someone, somewhere. Everything being marketed is inappropriate or evil. Even Where's Waldo and Doctor Seuss.

And kindly define "child". Why is it you censors insist on treating someone who is 17 yrs 364 days of age as if they were two year olds through the application of vague and overbroad terms? When you say "child" do you mean a real child or any person who is a legal minor as I suspect you do.

We're talking about Superman and Batman. Think about it. Cartoons, toys, movies, clothes, all marketed from toddlers to adults. And then they put out these comic books, with these same characters, containing stories about sex, rape, child molestation, murder. We're not talking about a naked boob on a beach one centimeter high done as a joke. This is a little broader then that.

No, apparently we're talking about stuff that is true to life. Which is mostly what gets attacked. God forbid, after all, anybody should be exposed to the reality of life. And you didn't define "child". Let's add another term to the mix to be defined: victim. Are they also to be forbidden to know this sort of stuff goes on?

The definition of child is irrelevent in this case because the product is being marketed to ages all across the board. I have no problem with comics that deal with tough issues but they are not dealing with the issues themselves they are simply using them as plot devices in a gratuitous and indefensible fashion.

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