ResearchBuzz Hits 300 and Web Search Garage Hits the Shelves!

Tara Calishain writes: "On Thursday, September 9, ResearchBuzz celebrates its 300th issue! Since October 1998 ResearchBuzz has been providing weekly pointers and commentary to online research resources, and I have no plans to stop for at least another 300 issues. I've also written a new book, Web Search Garage. The info page
offers some excerpts from the book as well as a couple freebies you might enjoy
If you haven't stopped by lately, here's a list of several new offerings:-- 200+ Categories and Date Archiving: For the people
who like categories, there's categories. For
the people who like date-based archiving, there's monthly

-- RSS Feeds for All 200+ Categories: Yes, there's
an RSS feed for every single category if you're more
into your RSS aggregator than your Web browser. Look for
the "Get this category as an RSS feed"/XML Orange
Button at the top of the page.

-- RSS Feeds You Can Put On Your Site: Thanks to
the miracle of Feedroll Pro and JavaScript, four
ResearchBuzz RSS feeds are now available for
syndication on any site. (They're really
customizable, too!) They are:

Full ResearchBuzz Feed

Google Hacks Category Feed

News About Google Category Feed

News About Yahoo Category Feed

Of course, the regular features of ResearchBuzz, including the
fahree weekly newsletter, are still available. New visitors can
also visit the New User's Guide to get a full overview of what's
at the site.


Next time I update my site, I'm going to link to it. I love this stuff.

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