Gay Books Banned in Canadian School


The \'Gay Book\' stories continue. Someone [sorry I lost the name] sent in this Story I managed to find at The school trustees of a Vancouver suburb had the right to bar three books about same sex couples from kindergarten and first grade classrooms.

\"No society can be said to be truly free where only those whose morals are uninfluenced by religion are entitled to participate in deliberations related to moral issues of education in public schools...\"

Again, no word on how many children got gayed after reading the books.More form

The three-member appeals panel also chastised both sides in the dispute, saying it was ironic they had drawn young children into an adult argument over morals and the ``value of loving and caring family relationships.\'\'

``It is hard to resist the thought that (kindergarten and grade one) children may have a better appreciation of that value than any of the contending adults,\'\' justice Kenneth Mackenzie wrote for the court in a 38-page ruling.

The appeals court is British Columbia\'s highest court, and groups that opposed the book ban indicated on Wednesday they would likely continue the legal fight to Canada\'s Supreme Court.

Surrey\'s trustees barred teachers from using ``Asha\'s Mums\'\', \'\'Belinda\'s Bouquet\'\' and ``One Dad, Two Dads, Brown Dads, Blue Dads\'\' as ``recommended learning resources\'\' in classrooms because the same-sex relationships portrayed in books were not suitable for five- and six-year-old readers.

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