Secret-Court Rules Are Apparent Catch-22, Critics Say


Fang-Face writes "The American Library Association has a brief article about a
USAPA Catch-22. Although the DOJ has asserted that anyone who is targeted by USAPA can challenge such an order before a secret court, only government lawyers are allowed to appear before such a court. Sounds like a conflict of interest, to me, not to mention a denial of the right to face your accuser in an open court."


Secret Courts have no place in a democratic society. These secret courts, where only government agents and lawyers may function, are as blatantly 'un-American', as you can get.

Isn't this just the sort of thing we are 'freeing' the Iraqi people from?

Secret courts are an instrument of state terrorism. It was so during the Inquisition. It was so in the old Soviet Union. It played that role in Nazi Germany and in Saddam's' Iraq. Now it necessarily plays that role in Bush's America.

Not your America, his America. Your America has a court date coming that you will not be informed of. It's secret.

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