El Paso, TX Library has Ghosts, According to Staffers

The discovery of a possible Civil War-era skeleton buried next to the main branch of the El Paso Public Library on Thursday was not a surprise, library employees said Friday.

"We figured that's why we have our ghosts," said staffer Charles Apuan while walking down a shadowy row of bookshelves in a sub-basement that is said to be the epicenter of eerie phenomena at the library, 501 N. Oregon.

Several members of the library staff have reported apparitions, strange noises and items moving by themselves.

Workers excavating a site behind the library Thursday discovered a skeleton, thought to be a soldier because in the 1860s the land was a military cemetery, which was later relocated. Skeletal remains were also found in the neighborhood in 1998 by crews replacing water and sewer lines. Library staffers expect other remains to be found as construction continues. Read all about it.

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