Gifted kids and librarians

Brian writes \"A short Interview with author Judy Galbraith about the relationship between gifted students and school librarians, from Foreword magazine:


Question: It makes sense that school librarians would be a gifted student\'s natural ally. Have you found this to be the case?
Her Answer Follows...Galbraith: Definitely. Sometimes school librarians are the first to sense a child is gifted, because of their choice of reading material. A lot of young people have reported to me that if it weren’t for books, they wouldn’t have made it. It’s something they can fall back on to do when they finish their assignments. One of the things that most classroom teachers aren’t able to do is make recommendations to gifted young people about what to read next. It’s not that they can’t, so much as they don’t have the time. That’s where the school librarian or media specialist can really be helpful. A librarian is in a great position to perhaps pull some things off the shelf that would both be of interest and that are written at a challenging reading level. A lot of parents don’t want their kids in elementary school reading teen books, but they know that they are reading at an advanced level. So, that’s another service that a librarian can provide. Finding books that are challenging to read but still appropriate on a maturity level. The teacher may its not be able to do that.

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