The LISNews QuickSubmit: The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread


If you're like me, and let's face it, you should be, you just love submitting stories to LISNews! I've never been entirely happy with the ease of use Slashcode offers in some areas, but one place it need not be any trouble is in submitting stories. If you're the kind of person who sees a good web site, or a good story, and thinks to yourself...

"Hey, that would be great for LISNews, but I just don't have the time, I wish it was easier to get things to them"

Your wish has been granted! The LISNews QuickSubmit puts any page a click away from being in the LISNews submission queue. The LISNews QuickSubmit is a bookmarklet (a javascript powered bookmark) that pops up a new window and sends the page you're looking at to us almost instantly, you just need to give it a topic and hit submit. You don't even need to have an LISNews account, all the cool librarians have one though.

Just drag and drop the LISNews QuickSubmit link into your links toolbar, and kapow, start submitting. There's another link below that needs to be cut and paste, but will allow one less click to submit a story, it's easier to use, but harder to put in your links bar.A slightly different version that you'll have to copy and past into your link:


That one formats the link a bit better. You'll need to cut and paste that big loooong line as a single link. So for this one to work, make a new link in your links bar, and then modify it to use that URL.


Since "submit story" doesn't work on my screen, I'll believe this when I see it working.

I've never had a single problem submitting a story.

I do. After previewing the draft, there is no way to submit. Embedded code somewhere? I have not been able to submit a story since June which is why everything goes to my journal.

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