LISNews in the News Again

Topic: sends "notification that LISNews has been noted in the news again, this time in reference to a Department of Justice directive that depository libraries destroy documents that had been sent out. The props came in this Berkeley Daily Planet article titled Librarians Win Battle Against Ashcroft’s Edict to Censor Statute Documents.

Under federal law, Russell is obliged to withdraw publications when requested by the agencies which had initially issued them, according to an article posted on, the website of Librarian & Information Science News.


I was just writing about LISNews in the press in my journal. It's really neat to see LISNews get props like that.Good stuff.

As a documents librarian myself, I am pleased to be referred to as a "pit bull of democracy." Hopefully a polite pit bull, but one who will not let go of the cause of open government.Cheers to my many colleagues across the country!

I think this calls for a special logo for documents librarians...any artists out there?

It certainly beats being a poodle or weiner dog of democracy.


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