Studio B Highlights


Studio B\'s been getting a facelift! Go take a look. Sorry about the slight vanishing act, but I\'m back with the
Studio B Buzz Highlights.

Brush the E-book Hype
ZDNet: September 15, 2000. Comparing current e-books with
the first electric toothbrushes, Jesse Berst believes there will not
be a real market for them until there is a standard platform and
copyrights can be easily protected. Give the technology five
years, \"Then watch out. As e-book hardware prices fall,
consumer awareness and demand build ... e-books should
enjoy a nice ride...\"
Read the entire article here.

FlipBrowser Technology September 14, 2000. E-Book Systems has
launched FlipBrowser, an e-book application that allows Internet
users to view Web pages, magazines or photo albums as a
book complete with turning pages instead of scrolling.
Introduced as a Web browser, an e-book reader, and a
multimedia-enabler, the FlipBrowser 1.0 Beta version is free.
Read the entire article here.

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