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At the Intel Developer Forum on Wednesday Intel announced the company was giving up on the deadlocked Ultrawideband IEEE task group and going it alone with a derivative offering they are calling Wireless USB. This initiative, for them, does everything that Bluetooth does and, effectively means that for PCs Bluetooth is all but dead.
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According to industry analysts, some form of UWB (ultra wideband) wireless technology is expected to replace USB (Universal Serial Bus) as a peripheral connector for PCs and could enable a new generation of wireless devices.
  With the approval by the feds, the company can ship its XS110 UWB chip set to peripheral vendors, who in turn are expected to release products incorporating the technology by the end of the year, a Freescale executive said. Although Freescale would not disclose its customer list, one of the early uses for the company's "direct-sequence" wireless approach will involve sending video content from a set-top box
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Once the standard is completed, the MBOA will resubmit to the IEEE for approval as a fait accompli, executives said. The MBOA specification expects to be able to transfer about 480 Mbits per second, through a spectrum of between 3 to 5 GHz, using OFDM as a physical-layer technology.For Intel, UWB's appeal is simple: eliminating the USB and IEEE 1394 cords that connect consumer and other devices with a PC. "Our job is to kill the wires and we think that UWB is the technology that kills the rat's nest (of wires)," said Pat Gelsinger, chief technology officer of Intel, at the Intel Developer Forum here.
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