Gutenberg is the \"Man of the Millennium\"


Lee Hadden writes:

An article in the Wall Street
Journal, Thursday, Sept. 14, 2000, page
A24, talks about the celebration of Johannes Gutenberg
as the \"Man of the
Millennium\" in Mainz, and gives a brief account of his
career. See the site
(it also has an English translation) at:
Books printed before this time by wood block, or
inscribed by hand,
are called \"incunabula (cradle),\" so Gutenberg\'s hand
was the hand which
\"rocked the cradle\" of books. I was also unaware that
Gutenberg began by
printing letters of indulgence, the very thing that
stimulated the next
German revolution, by Martin Luther.

Anyway, a good place to learn about the man who is
credited with the
invention of movable type, the mass printing of large
numbers of books and
thus the establishment of large research libraries.

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