Historical Collection quiet after access fee for nonresidents goes into effect

Interesting Story Out Of Detroit on some new fees that went into effect Tuesday for nonresident users. The Detroit Public Library now charges Visitors accessing the library's three special collections are charged $10 per day or $100 annually.
The Detroit library joins the growing ranks of institutions that charge for nonresident use. The library has lost about $6 million annually in state funding since 2002. Library officials estimate that 60-75 percent of special-collection users are nonresidents.

Thanks to Bob Cox for this story.


It's a bummer, but I'd pay the $10 if it was something I really wanted to view. I have visited various libraries' special collections when I'm out of town and want to do a bit of genealogy research. In certain situations, it would be worth it. Now, the $100 for a year is a little high. Just my opinion.