More trouble with Journal Costs


The Desert News has a short Story that sheds some light on the big problem many libraries are having with huge increases in journal prices.

\"John Elsweiler, interim director of libraries, announced the decision to discontinue some periodicals.
Inflation and a decrease in legislative funding have resulted in a budgeting crisis, said Elsweiler.
\"Imagine that you have to cope with an inflation rate that\'s nearly 50 percent over three years,\" said Elsweiler.\"
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Journals are important educational tools for faculty and students at any research institution.
\"Our biggest expense . . . is in the science, engineering, technology journals and there we spend the majority of our journal budget,\" said Robert Murdoch, deputy director of libraries and information systems at USU.
\"I think we\'re going to see the greatest impact on our upper-division graduate students and our faculty. It pretty much affects our education process across the board,\" he said.
Library officials appealed to the USU Research Office for additional funds.
In years past, the research office has contributed $150,000 for journals, but this year it increased the offerings to $425,000, Murdoch said.
Meanwhile, the library has sought other ways to reduce its costs for journals, such as sharing through a consortium.

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