Vandal Edits Davis Library Books With "Purple Prose"

Looks like someone has a beef with four-letter words over at the Farmington, UT (Davis County) Library. According to the AP , an unknown do-it-yourself censor is turning swear words into "darns" and "hecks" -- in purple ink.

The library director Pete Giacoma is hoping that the perp will just tire of his self-imposed editing job, but of course, if he or she is found, there is a fine and possible jail time. CORRECTION: Library is in Layton UT, not Farmington ...Deseret News


Where do all these weirdos come from? They must have lots of time on their hands to deface library books. Hey, all you weirdos, stay away from libraries!!!! Do us a favor and sign yourselves into a mental institution! Maybe libraries should have tough and fearsome, "Dirty Harry"-style, black-belt security to deter these wackos.

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