Librarian's, Others' Advanced Degrees Questioned by District

The validity of PhDs earned by a superintendent, librarian and counselor employed by the Jim Thorpe Area School District is being questioned by the school board. The three, from the Allentown (PA) area, were awarded doctorates from Kennedy-Western University, an online university whose degrees are considered invalid in several states. The three employees are being asked to pay back the more than $16,000 the district paid in tuition, to repay the extra salaries awarded after completing their degrees. The three are defending the validity of their degrees, and the librarian offered a 200-page dissertation as evidence. The matter may end up in arbitration. More here from the Morning Call.


The PHD degrees offered at this faux University are:
Computer Science
Electrical Engineering
Environmental Engineering
General Engineering
Safety Engineering
Business Administration
Human Resource Management
Management Information Systems
Health Administration

None of these seem appropriate for education, does anyone actually approve their study? Its even possible that these people were 'recruited' and thought the degree was legit.

In good news, I'm 50% of the way to a Masters degree in Computer Science, and it will only cost $8000!

This is a big issue. See Online Diploma Mills for some background.

"In good news, I'm 50% of the way to a Masters degree in Computer Science, and it will only cost $8000!"See, this is what I don't understand.If I wanted a fake degree, a trip to kinkos would do the trick for me. And, if I was feeling fancy, I might even create a website for Whatever University.I just don't see paying thousands of dollars for these degrees. Which leads me to the conclusion that the people purchasing degrees online actually think they are real!That is scary.

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