Commerce Department Names Chief Privacy Officer

"The Commerce Department has made the connection between privacy and technology explicit this week by naming Dan Caprio, deputy assistant secretary for technology policy, as the department's first chief privacy officer. Caprio will hold both titles. As chief privacy officer, he'll oversee departmental activities related to the development and implementation of federal privacy laws, policies, and practices." Read More.


I found this part of the "afoul" linked article interesting:

CAPPS II set a dangerous precedent by promising to give the government the power to fight terrorism by sifting Americans into trustworthy and not so trustworthy designations, says Jay Stanley, communications director of the ACLU Technology and Liberty Project. "The way to stop terrorism is through good physical security and reliable intelligence," he says. "It's not effective to sort through hundreds of millions of Americans using computer algorithms."
Although I know nothing about computer algorithms, I do have to agree that "trustworthy and not so trustworthy" designations especially through this means of information gathering doesn't sound very kosher, nor very scientific. Didn't know about this organization of the ACLU's - I'll have to check it out. Appreciate the link to this story!
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