High School Assistant Librarian Accused Of Sex Crimes Against Student

A Kansas school library employee has been charged with committing sex crimes against a student at a Kansas City (KS) school. According to the report, "The incidents allegedly occurred at the high school in Kansas City, KS, between April 1 and May 27 of this year." The headline of the original article states that a "librarian" committed the crime, but it was actually an assistant librarian. Read a little more.


An assistant surgeon is a licensed surgeon that helps out at an operation. A surgeon's assistant is not a physician.

What is an assistant librarian. I think it is a journalist's failure to ascertain the facts before writing a story. Does this person have an MLS, if not then perhaps he is more correctly called a library assistant or even a librarian's assistant.

Would people make that mistake with assistant professor, nurses' assistant, assistant principal, no but we as librarians seem to tolerate that sort of thing.

I'm going to sit on the porch and watch it rain.

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