Arnold Schwarzenegger Names New State Librarian

Nothing against Arnold, the state of California or the state librarian, but this just plain reads funny, for obvious reasons. Who'd have ever thought...?

"Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on Thursday named a new state librarian to replace Kevin Starr, who stepped down April 1 to become state librarian emeritus after 10 years.

Susan Hildreth has more than 30 years' experience as a librarian, most recently as chief librarian for the City and County of San Francisco, managing 650 employees and a $59 million budget. She currently is president of the California Library Association.

Schwarzenegger, in his announcement, said Hildreth, 53, "shares my commitment to education and to preserving our state's rich cultural heritage and I know she will use her tremendous experience as a librarian to enhance and strengthen California's public libraries." Read all about it.


Massachusetts needs better leadership for the state library agency. Local government documents have been neglected. For example, City of Boston documents have not been collected, acquisitioned and accessioned systematically.

I don't get it. What's the funny part?

It seems that people don't take the Governor seriously. When will people understand that the Governor takes his job and responsibility very seriously. He could have easily made this job a political appointment, instead he showed a great understanding of the importance of libraries by his choice. I only wish that other Governors understand the place of libraries as the Governor of California.

Here's an explanation of what seems to have occured:
Susan Hildreth had been scheduled to be the new Tucson-Pima Library Director, but took the job offered by the governator instead

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