"Library Play" by Paul Cohen

Recently completing its run at the John Houseman Theatre Center in New York, "Library Play" is a romantic comedy set after-hours in a small-town library. Producers "Faction of Fools" hope the play will soon be touring around the country....so keep an eye/ear out for announcements. Here's a synopsis:
Wit, hijinx, and romance abound... love develops across the counter between Sandy, the irreverent assistant librarian, and Milt, an unemployed library "regular." Their unconventional courtship is repeatedly interrupted by inept gunmen, common bibliophiles, and Sandy's tyrannical boss, Marjory.

Here are photos of the cast of characters . Do they resemble anyone at your library?


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Heh. Sandy, the Assistant Librarian is a woman after my own heart: "I told the kids if they didn't behave Clifford would have to be shot. So now I have to find a big, red carcass." bwa hahaha

Of course, I'd threaten Franklin the turtle cus I hate the little green b*st*rd. Heh.

Looks like it would be an interesting play...


sounds vaguely familiar

"I wonder if Aquaman can communicate directly with fishsticks or if the breading gets in the way."

This sounds like the sleepy conversations we have around the coffee pot first thing in the morning. LOL

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