California Privacy Law Kicks In

The nation's first state law governing online privacy policies has begun in California, but not everyone is in compliance as companies scramble to get up to par with the Online Privacy Protection Act (OPPA).

Major companies like Google,
Yahoo and
eBay are affected.

The Federal Trade Commission said it plans to crackdown on Web site operators over privacy practices. According to the California Attorney General's Office, "They've made consumer privacy a high priority and they plan to vigorously defend the law."

While Google has revamped its policy, some feel that it, and other companies, "don't go far enough, because they don't detail how legal requests for personal information on users will be handled, what the process will be for disclosing such information in civil and criminal cases, or whether users will be notified beforehand."

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It seems that the following policy would satisfy the law.

This site collects personal information of all types and may use it in any way it finds beneficial including giving it to third parties of all types without notification. There is no process for reviewing or changing any of the information you give us. This policy is effective 7/01/04. If this policy is updated it will be noted here.

I hope everyone in California feels much better.

Ireland's Data Protection Act is not nearly as toothless as California's. Most important it allows persons to examine and correct their data and prevent the data's release.

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