Too Many Secrets, Says Secrecy Czar - J. William Leonard frets about the breakdown of the classifica

An Anonymous Patron writes "Slate Reports On J. William Leonard who heads the Information Security Oversight Office, the National Archives branch that develops classification and declassification policies at the behest of the president, fretted over signs of a breakdown of the classification system for national security in a speach last month.
In his talk, given at a classification training seminar, Leonard complains that the system has lost touch with the "basics": Some agencies don't know how much information they classify; they don't know whether they're classifying more than they once did or less; they don't know whether they're classifying too much or too little; and they don't know whether they're classifying material for too long a period or too short."


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This is a danger

Isn't it the case that forgetting our history dooms us to repeat it?

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