School Dismisses Student After Alleged Laxative Prank


Here's a classic...

"A Concord High School student has been kicked out school for putting laxatives in the coffee of a librarian and the principal. The two were told what was in their drinks before either of them sipped them.

School officials said the unidentified student can reapply to the district once he serves a two-month suspension. The process usually takes 30 days, which means the boy will miss the first semester of school." Read More.


Laxatives cannot be used to hurt librarians because we are not full of s***. The principal on the other hand might be in danger.

The fit punishment for this boy is to take laxatives himself. Then see how funny it is.

Sounds like terrorism to me! Where's that Patriot Act when you need it?!?

I know many librarians that need to loosen up a bit but laxatives would not really do the trick.

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