Civility as a choice


An Anonymous Patron writes sent along A Column that presents a a refreshing idea: Choose civility.The author, Steve Blow says he can't get used to is that so many people don't want to offer a conflicting opinion; they want to inflict a wound. Snide, sarcastic, belittling, profane – you name it. The intent is to sting, not discuss.
He says We do have a choice in how we will live. With strength, we can choose civility.


I think we should all choose civility. I try, difficult as it may be at times, to offer opinions rather than inflict wounds. Civility is not the only reason for this. I too prefer reasoned argument to inflamed rhetoric as inflamed rhetoric does nothing to sway anyone to my point of view. Well reasoned discussion and debate is a far more powerful tool to persuade someone to see things your way.

So rather than insult, discuss and debate. Even if you don't persuade anyone to see it your way, they will remember you were not a huge arse.

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