Search Weapons Aim at Privacy

The term "online privacy" is quickly evolving into an oxymoron. Is there really such a thing anymore? No matter where you surf the web, someone is gathering information about you. I recently sought out a news article, using Google, by typing in the name of the person whom the article was about. Lo and behold, up popped his home address and phone number. Was it a fluke?According to an article over at ZDNet,
Steve Johnson suggests that people use a "common sense" approach when it comes to providing personal information via the web, but do they? "As is true of virtually all Internet services, safe, effective use of personalized search requires consumers to use common sense. There are certain pieces of information that a person should not part with, regardless of the promised benefits. For example, if a sports Web site asks for a consumer's Social Security number, that person should see red flags waving. If that same Web site asks the consumer to rate his or her favorite teams, that is a different question entirely." Read More.

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