Only 10% of Reagan Library content publicly available

ffirehorse writes "An interesting article from today's Los Angeles Times notes that only 10% of the Reagan Library's total content is currently publicly available. The figure of available material may not rise all that significantly given the current president's 2001 executive order that "bars archivists from releasing any former president's records without the approval of the sitting president and the former president, or a representative."

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Following Ronald Reagan's wish to be interred at his (presidential) library, we hear on Australian media reports that ex-president Bush celebrated his 80th birthday by sky-jumping "onto the roof" of HIS presidential library.

We don't have presidents (or presidential libraries) here in Australia ... but I think its great that your ex-politicians are providing at least some publicity for libraries - of some type.

What a shame politicians (yours and ours) didn't have the same concerns about libraries and their importance when they were in office, and could have done great things for ALL libraries ...

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