Who Should Pay for Presidential Posterity?

The NYTimes Looks At taxpayers' costs of maintaining presidential libraries.
A 1986 law, supported by Mr. Reagan, required the private foundations that built future libraries to set up endowments to defray the costs of upkeep.

But the law has done little to ease taxpayers' burden.
The reasons for the shortfalls are partly financial (interest rates are low), partly political (the law didn't require large enough endowments) and partly architectural (libraries are getting grander).


All this flying around of the Former President's dead body has me wondering how much THAT IS COSTING!? We are having him flown from CA to DC and back to CA for burial!? I find that to be quite insane and I'm sure it's not cheap either!

Our country is 228 years old and we have had a whopping 43 presidents.

Lighten up.

They fly a former PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES to Washington DC for a state funeral. Yep, thats crazy. Amke's comment is so stupid I don't even know how to completely respond.

Seems as if you either get the royal treatment or impeachment hearings.

I'm sure when Clinton or Carter passes away, if their families wish then they will get state funerals. I'm also sure some conservatives will moan about it and it will show that they are small people.

I believe there have only been 10 state funerals for US Presidents. A US President (regardless of their politics) certainly deserves a state funeral.

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