Lessig declares "e-mail bankruptcy"


Wired News reports that Internet legal pundit Lawrence Lessig has thrown up his hands in the face of 200+ daily incoming personal (that's non-spam) e-mail messages. Declaring what he calls "e-mail bankruptcy," Lessig sent a script-driven note last week to all his e-mail "creditors": those who have e-mailed him since January 2002 and have received no reply.

Timely tactic or theatrical stunt? Read the Wired News article and decide for yourself.


I'd say it was a nice thing to do. Even though he is super high profile, it was nice of him to try to keep up with that much email. To me that says he's a stand up guy, who just can't keep up anymore. There's probably alot of people who lost control long ago, and never bothered to say sorry.