Alcoholic apologizes for library assault

Anonymous Patron sends "this story from the London Free Press News which tells of a pickled patron who poured a large container of water on the head a visually impaired piano technician who had just finished tuning the libray's piano. He was arrested for assault, and gave his sincerest apologies after sleeping it off in the drunk tank, saying that he thought he was in a bar. Apparently, it's acceptable to pour water on someone's head in drinking establishments. The arrested man, according to the story, has an eight-page rap sheet."


Since the Free Press doesn't provide long-term storage of online stories.

The interesting part of the story, when I read it this morning (since the Freep's my local paper), is that as part of his probation, he must stay away from all public libraries. Now that's a real punishment, unlike those judges that sentence people to spending a certain amount of time in the library reading!

Yeah, it is like when kids get in trouble and their punishment is suspension from school!??!?!

Like the "I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out" how about "I went to a library and a hockey game broke out"

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