E-Books in Seybold Spotlight

Wired has a Story on The Seybold SF conference that covers all things publishing, including a big focus on Ebooks. The conference web site has a nifty
Digital Library that has some useful information on technology.

\"E-book vendors will take over 11,000 square feet on the show floor to showcase their technologies and security solutions.

Microsoft (MSFT) will demonstrate its recently announced Digital Asset Server, a digital rights management (DRM) solution, and Windows-based PC Reader. \"

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The e-book event follows an opening keynote address by Dick Brass, vice president of technology development for Microsoft. Brass will speak about digital rights management, anti-piracy, and encryption, some of the most hotly debated topics among e-publishers and authors.

The Open eBook Forum and the American Association of Publishers, which both formed task forces to investigate digital rights management last summer, are expected to announce their progress.

\"Right now, there\'s a lack of standards on that front,\" Walter said. This year\'s event \"will recognize that there is a lack of standards in digital rights management that\'s hindering the adoption of e-books.\"

Currently a variety of providers including Microsoft, ContentGuard, InterTrust, SoftLock, Adobe, and Glassbook offer their own DRM technologies.

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