The instant library


The Detroit Free
has a typical story on how great the web is
for education.

\"Students say it\'s easier to do research on the
Internet than in the library, where they say they have to
struggle with confusing reference cards and outdated
books. Parents also don\'t have to worry about taking
their kids to the library. \"More from Free Press

even teachers can get help with homework. The site
offers lesson plan ideas, classroom activities, site
reviews and educational news.

\"I\'m getting the Internet installed now,\" said Irene
Merritt, who teaches eighth grade math at Taft Middle
School on Detroit\'s west side. \"I plan to use it for help
with lesson plans and to find out easier ways of
teaching certain subjects.\"

Benjamin Dirden, a social studies teacher at Detroit
Redford High School, already uses the Internet for help
with lesson plans.

\"Just about any educational site that you pull up has a
link to,\" he said.

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