40th anniversary of library sit-ins marked


Charleston.net has a Story on the sit ins that started On July
16, 1960. On Sept. 19, 1960, the library was integrated.

\"\"All we wanted was to use a public library that
our parents worked hard to help pay for,\" said Margaree
Crosby, who was among the eight arrested, handcuffed
and taken to the city jail for holding a sit-in at the
whites-only library on North Main Street 40 years
ago.\"\"It was really scary being fingerprinted,\" Wright said.
     Jackson said it marked the first time he had been
arrested, and he found the experience both exhilarating
and frightening.
     \"Nothing on the outside changed, but something
within us changed,\" he said. \"When we changed our
minds, everything changed. Our demands changed,
our aspirations changed, our dreams changed.\"
     A lawsuit was filed and the students took their battle
to court.
     On Sept. 19, 1960, the library was integrated after the
Greenville City Council decided it should be reopened
after closing for two weeks following several sit-ins.

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