Kanguard filter described in Computers in Libraries


Daniel writes "The April 2004 issue of Computers in Libraries has an article titled: "Building and Running a Collaborative Internet Filter is akin to Kansas Barn Raising" Those of you who have access to EBSCO's MasterFile Premier can view the article here.The article describes the hardware, software, and policy governance behind the open source filter Kanguard, in use in libraries around Kansas. The lists appear to be open, the filter easy for librarians to disable if needed, an online, anonymous form to "add this URL/delete this URL" from the filtering product are available. Challenges to filtered materials and requests to filter materials are run past a committee of five librarians.This article seems worth checking out. It was authored by Thomas M. Reddick, the automation coordinator at the Northeast Kansas Library System in Lawrence."


Thanks for the link and excellent summary. Will take a look.

Depending on how you look at it t it Kanguard appears to be more of a CIPA "work around" then a modern filter...I like the spirit of the "barn raising" and tried to figure what I could contribute....In the process thinking that one over some interesting things emerged and I discovered that it would be difficult if not impossible to help so I wrote an article explaining why athttp://www.internetfilter.com/kanguard.html

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