Strikers Not Sure What to Expect

The Canton
is Now Reporting the strike
may not be quite as over as we once thought.

“This could be the ‘Dewey beats Truman’
headline of the day,” assistant Library Director Marge
Baker said early Friday afternoon, referring to the
infamous Chicago Tribune headline that appeared after
the 1948 presidential election.\"More from the Canton Rpublican
At 5 p.m., Larry Morgan, lead negotiator for the library
and superintendent of the Stark County Educational
Service Center, received confirmation of the agreement,
Baker said. She said she expects to get a copy of the
initialed agreement before the union membership
votes on the pact at 2 p.m. today.

Now, it’s the striking workers who are nervous.

About 120 SEIU members walked off the job July 31,
demanding a 3-year contract with a 6-percent raise the
first year and 5-percent increases the next two years.
The union also wanted a fair-share clause that would
require all bargaining unit members to pay
assessment fees to support the union.

The library had offered 4-percent raises and resisted
fair share.

Union leaders remained tight-lipped about the
contract’s contents, and pickets said they don’t know
what to expect at today’s ratification meeting.

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