Special Hotel Just for Librarians at BEA


Librarians are invited (but not obliged) to stay in a separate hotel (a quiet one, of course) when they attend BookExpo in Chicago next month from June 4-6.
The conference keynote will be given by (auto)biographer and former President Bill Clinton, who, reports have it, will be showing up late.

Here's the invite for the Claridge Hotel from the BookExpo website.


Is this because they know librarians need something cheaper (assuming it is), or is this protection of some type?

I think it's to encourage librarians to attend BEA (to show they're going out of their way to accommodate librarians) and because this hotel is cheaper than most. It's also got a free shuttle back/forth to McCormick, which really is necessary. McCormick isn't somewhere you can walk to, and not all of the event hotels have shuttles. I'm staying at the Claridge, and reports say that it's decent. I hope they're right.It's a great conference, btw. If you've been to ALA, picture the typical exhibit hall setup and then double it in size.Sarah Johnson (www.libraryjobpostings.org) posting anonymously because I forgot my password and it hasn't arrived in email yet...

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