The High Cost Of Hosting LISNews: Getting MUCH Lower


Within minutes (4 to be exact) of my plea for help last week the donations came rolling in, and haven't stopped since. There is no way I can really say thanks to everyone who has kicked in an average of over $20 to help pay for LISNews. I've received $848.57 (net) via paypal, about $150 via the increased clicks on the "ads by google," and an unknown amount sitting in 2 envelopes that came via snail mail (I'm in the middle of moving, didn't want to lose them, so they sit in a box).
This means LISNews is almost paid through the end of this year, I needed $1,620, and have received just over $1,000 in only one week.

I can't being to thank everyone who contributed anywhere from $3 to $100 to help keep LISNews going. If you'd like to help make the goal, please feel free to click on a few ads, use the paypal link, or Contact Me if you're like a snail mail address.

Extra special thanks to those of you who linked to LISNews for the occasion, and super extra special thanks to Jessamyn for the button .


A few corrections, I can't do anything to this story (delete, or edit) because the paypal link messes with the form I normally use, Contact Me was missing a link, and "you'd like a snail mail address," not "you're."And there's probably other stupid mistakes in there as well!

Well, I'll have to be like a snail mail address to donate.

I once had a PayPal account, but I closed it a while ago, for a variety of reasons. But now, when I try to go through PayPal to make a credit-card donation without an account, they refuse to accept my payment because the card I'm using used to be associated with a PayPal account, so they won't accept it. While this is a good policy, in some ways, it means I have to contribute through some other channel.

The grammarians are beginning to lose it!!! Congrats on the support, you deserve it.

I sent a check.

But I use it (kinda have to for ebay and other things). However you should be aware that they don't have the consumer protections that banks do and can essentially take your money at will.

Credit card dispute amounts are cheerfully charged back to your balance, so there's little reason to use a credit card with PayPal (and especially when accepting credit card payments, as they can be charged back to your balance if they are disputed with the credit card company, not to mention the PayPal fees involved with taking credit cards).

All of which are the very good reasons why I closed my paypal account!

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