Gooooooogle Growing Up


SF Gate has a Story on Google that is quite interesting. The founders are 27 and now employ 120 people!

``Our goal is to build the ultimate search engine,\'\' said Larry Page, Google\'s chief executive and co-founder. ``We think that we can make search engines better every month, and I don\'t see that ending anytime soon.\'\' More from SFGATE

\"Google\'s popularity is based on providing particularly relevant results to user queries. The company usually ranks near the top in studies of search-engine quality. Like many others, Google\'s search engine relies on software that retrieves Web pages based on word placement and headlines. But it also includes a proprietary technology called PageRank that retrieves Web pages based on the number and quality of other Web pages that point to it.

Another lure is Google\'s simplistic design that is unusual for all the blank white space. The sparseness helps it download faster than most search engines, so much so that the company gloats by displaying for users the time it takes to respond to every query.

``In many ways, it harks back to the original image of search engines,\'\' said Wit Andrews, an Internet industry analyst with the Gartner Group, a market research company in Stamford, Conn.

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