Yahoo - e-Mail Now 100MB to Unlimited

Topic: writes " Yahoo said Thursday that it will boost the storage allowance for its e-mail service this summer to compete with the announced, but not-yet-final, Gmail from rival Google. The Web portal and search site's Yahoo Mail will get a bump-up in mail storage space from today's relatively puny 4 MB to 100 MB, executives said during a briefing Thursday to Wall Street analysts.Premium subscribers, who currently pay between $19.79 and $49.79 annually for 25 MB to 100 MB of space, will receive "virtually unlimited" capacity, Yahoo said. Yahoo plans to roll out the new storage allotments this quarter or next. The move is in reaction to Google's Gmail, a free Web-based e-mail service that the search giant is still beta testing. One of Gmail's most-touted features is a 1 GB storage allowance."

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