Napa Valley Bookmobile: Scarier Than Space Mountain

Sad News For Napa Valley California where a request that the library revive the long-defunct Bookmobile seems about as remote as the areas the traveling library served.

The Bookmobile was discontinued in August 1998, when the expensive vehicle required more maintenance than the county's public works equipment pool felt was fiscally reasonable.

Library Director Janet McCoy said this week that she had gone on a ride-along when the Bookmobile was still in service to areas such as Lake Berryessa, Pope Valley and Angwin. "It has to rank as one of the most terrifying days of my life," she told supervisors on Tuesday.


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The picture tells the problem

The icon of the large bookmobile for this article is not necessarily the same type of vehicle but I'm guessing its close. Part of a bookmobile's purpose is outreach and promoting the library not just having a mini-library to tote around. If the area to travel is that tough buy a Hummer and a small trailer to hitch on back. It won't be perfect but it would be workable and how popular would you suddenly be with the kids?

Re:The picture tells the problem

It is illegal in certain states to buy a hummer.


Knowing the US, I'm not sure this is a joke.What states?-- Ender, Duke_of_URL

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