Friday Updates

The friday updates for this week include reference books over the Internet, bigger libraries in Ottowa, the purpose of the Library of Congress, Yad Vashem\'s library, new technology, e-mail protests, more thefts, more extortion, and much, much the Quote of the Week. Have a great weekend!!
From the Cincinatti Post
Library offers reference books over Internet
\"But a new service the library is trying aims to make such research
easier through online access to reference books. The company providing
the service - netLibrary - is among a handful of start-ups seeking to
connect people accustomed to researching online to sources that started
out in print\"

From the Ottowa Citizen
Bookworms to benefit from new city\'s bigger, better library
\"When the region merges into one city on Jan. 1, so will the 33
libraries. That means someone in Clarence-Rockland, who now has access
to about 30,000 books, will suddenly be able to access more than 3.5
million titles. \"This is going to be amazing,\" said Linda Caporicci,
chief librarian of the Cumberland library, which has about 75,000
volumes. \"People in the outskirts are going to have the same selection
as people downtown Ottawa.\"

From the Washington Post
Congress Asks, Whose Library Is It Anyway?
\"What started as a ho-hum morning meeting of a Senate oversight
committee yesterday turned into a spirited questioning of the very
purpose of the Library of Congress.\"

From the Jerusalem Post
Yad Vashem\'s library floor officially inaugurated
\"With 86,000 books about the Holocaust in its library, and over 55
million pages of documentation in its archives, the new archives and
library building, which officially opened in March, houses the largest
collection of Holocaust material in the world.\"

New technology prompts debate in local libraries
\"A survey of approximately 20 of the 59 community libraries in the
four-county region revealed only two - the Oswego School District
Public Library and the Annie Porter Ainsworth Memorial Library in
Sandy Creek, also in Oswego County - that employ filtering software.\"

From the Press Republican
Wead Library bansman after e-mail protest threatened
\"Alan Ritchie, 49, of Chateaugay was citied for trespassing and
disorderly conduct after he refused to leave the library when he was
caught using e-mail on a computer there. Ritchie said he was using
his e-mail account to conduct his sheep- and goat-farming business

From the Post Tribune
Thefts plague Porter County libraries
\"Someone has been checking out more than books from the Porter
County Public Library system recently. In an unprecedented crime
wave, small safes have been stolen from the Valparaiso and South
Haven branches. Also, someone tried to break into the safe at the
Portage library. Adding to the mystery: None of the buildings
were broken into.\"

Watertown Library Is a Gem
\"When it opened in 1905, the Roswell P. Flower Memorial Library in Watertown was called \"the most beautiful small library in the United States.\"

Ninety-five years later, it\'s still a contender.\"

From the St. Petersburg Times
FBI arrests extortion suspect at library computer
\"The man using the Internet at the Tarpon Springs Public Library looked inconspicuous. In recent weeks, he came and went from the library, largely unnoticed by the librarians.\"

From Booksonline
E-books: a revolution in reading
\"Electronic publishing is no longer science fiction. It’s here. Books will never be out of print, publishers may become redundant and readers will be able to carry a whole library in their briefcase. Susannah Herbert reports.\"

Kennedy library releases thousands of once-classified papers
\"Thousands of secret CIA missives and other previously classified materials, many documenting the internal foreign policy debate in the Kennedy administration, have been made public for the first time.\"

From the Washington Post
Giving the Disabled Increased E-Access
Making the Web easier to navigate for people with disabilities has always been a mission for the true believers--a small band of volunteers, motivated by empathy or personal experience rather than business acumen.

But that\'s about to change.\"

From Information Today
Freelance Authors Turn Up the Heat with More Lawsuits; Major Database Providers Under Siege
\"After last week’s report about a settlement between the National Writers Union (NWU; and Contentville ( over author royalties [See Paula J. Hane’s August 14 NewsBreak] the pressure on database providers has escalated, with two new class-action lawsuits being filed on behalf of freelance authors whose copyrighted works have been sold online.\"

From Michigan Live
\"Library board rejects bid to review videotape access
\"After discussing a recent Press article that identified the system as one of a handful locally that allow full movie access to minors, including R-rated videos, the board nixed a suggestion by Commissioner LaVerne Blickley to review the policy.\"

Quote of the Week
\"J.K. Rowling\'s Harry Potter novels feature hate, death, evil, witchcraft and astrology, themes officials say don\'t belong in their church schools.\"
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