Help the gov't decide what information to put online!

Daniel writes "For the past century, the Government Printing Office (GPO) has put out uncounted thousands of reports, papers, and journals on many fields of human endevour. Researchers "in the know", policy specialists and even genealogists have gone to depository libraries to get at this information.Now GPO is working with ARL and other institutions to digitize this vast "legacy collection" promising a revolution in access. According to Superintendent of Documents Judy Russell, "GPO is conducting a survey to develop a list of priority government documents titles or series that should be among the early items to be digitized. Please review the list of candidates for digitization that have already been proposed and add other titles that you feel should be on the list. This part of the survey will close on May 21, 2004."Please take a moment to take the survey at if any of your patrons have EVER found a government document useful. It's one way to help put more information at their fingertips. These days we need all the help we can get!"


I'd like to see them start with putting back all the factual,
sexual-health based information that Bush has had systematically suppressed, banned, and censored. From there they can move on to the Cheney Task Force documents they won't even let the courts see, and then maybe a full disclosure of everybody rounded up and held incommunicado after the WTC attacks.

But, of course, that's not going to happen.

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