Pennsylvania's Library Users Lobby for Full Funding


A Release from the Pennsylvania Library Association says Nearly 500 local library advocates from across Pennsylvania today called upon state legislators to restore full state funding for the Commonwealth's 625 public libraries.
Library funding was cut 37 percent in FY2003, from $75.2 million to $47.8 million. The preliminary impact of budget cuts has forced 75 percent of libraries to reduce collections, 43 percent to reduce hours of service, and 34 percent to reduce staffing. Because library operations have no excess to cut, funding reductions translate directly into cuts in services.


Pennsylvania is home to tons and tons of rural libraries. Clarion University of Pennsylvania's Department of Library Science recently held a Professional Development Conference where Glenn Miller, Pennsylvania Library Association Executive Director, spoke about funding and how one should and should not lobby the folks in Harrisburg. The Center for the Study of Rural Librarianship at Clarion helps to provide leadership in respect of rural libraries in PA. Matters certainly do not look too positive for PA right now...

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