Everyone knew her as Nancy


Book Lust author, former Tulsan, action figure model, and increasingly visible library poster person Nancy Pearl was featured on NPR's Morning Edition today, giving book recommendations to Steve Inskeep. The topic, briefly, was "political books for people who are sick of hearing about politics". She spoke about several political novels, including Henry Adams' Democracy from 1876, and the classic All the King's Men.


Geez, from the headline, I thought that she was dead!!!!

Quoting the Beatles' song "Rocky Racoon" I believe. "She called herself Lill, and her name was McGill, but everyone knew her as Nancy..."

So, did you answer the poll in the sidebar, then?

What sidebar poll!? I love sidebar polls! Where?Where? I don't see it.....

It's right there on the right, below the Moderation box. Alternatively, you can just click here.

Oh thanks! How did I miss that?! Thank you!

I think the title refers to a Firesign Theatre sketch, which itself refers to Rocky Raccoon on the White Album?

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