Dead authors write to Amazon


Bob Cox suggested this.The Register has a spooky Story on long dead authors leaving comments on their books.

\"Einstein has revealed that he got it wrong about quantum mechanics and God does play with dice. And Fyodor Dostoyevskywrites that he still likes his work even though he\'s dead.\"

They call them \"an amusing fake author posting\", I think they are real! The dead speak to us through the web.More from the Register

\"And here\'s one we\'ve discovered ourselves. Political writer Hugo Young wrote the book One of Us, a highly rated biography of Margaret Thatcher. In the US this is called The Iron Lady. One of its fans posted a five star review to in 1997 but also mentioned that Young was dead. So six months later, Young\'s son Dominic posted a message pointing out his dad is alive and well. He entered this in the author\'s comment slot. Both messages are still there.

If discovered anything like this on its site it would take swift and draconian action. Following the Reg\'s test of Amazon\'s security the author Matt Thorne, (under whose name we posted our bogus message), had images of his book covers, reviews from national newspapers, synopses of his books, and reader comments removed from his bit of the site. also removed the ability to post any further comments on his books. Everything was replaced five days later. \"

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