New Anti-SCAM development - makes e-Commerce Safer


search engine web writes to share this story."Imagine you had a Web browser that said when you typed in a new address, "The Internet site you're about to visit is known to steal credit-card numbers and use them in unauthorized ways."Now imagine that you can actually use such an application today. It's already been developed and it's being distributed — free.The company behind this is Earthlink, one of the largest Internet service providers in the United States. The effort, known as ScamBlocker, is still in its early days, and its database of sites to warn users about is in its infancy. But the idea of fingering scam artists before they can do much damage is fantastic, and there's a very interesting tale behind it."


I can see the restraint of trade, libel, and other suits coming ad nauseum. I'm sure most of them will be without merit, but they still have to be defended.

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