Mother Leaves Her 3 Kids at a Library


A woman in Virginia brought her three children into a library, left them there, and did not return. The article is provided by The Atlanta-Journal Constitution.
\"She just dropped them off and walked away,\" Carey said. \"When we arrested her, she didn\'t even ask about the children. She didn\'t care about their whereabouts or their health. She wasn\'t remorseful.\" \"The children --- 2 1/2-year-old twin girls, Breanna and Teanna Trabal, and an 8-month-old boy, Yabriele Trabal --- were placed in foster care.\"

\"The kids appear to be well-taken care of,\" said Detective Dennis Brown, who is leading the investigation. \"There\'s no sign of trauma or abuse.\"

\"Mack\'s nephew, Andre Carter, said the family was shocked to learn the children had been found alone in the library.

\"We know she was having a difficult time,\" Carter said. He added that family members believed the abandonment was not something she planned, but \"just happened.\"

\"Police believe Mack, who moved to the area about two weeks ago, is unmarried and was living with her brother and sister-in-law near the Virginia Beach Central Library. The children were left at the library Monday afternoon, Carey said.\"

\"A large yellow sign designates the building as a \"safe place\" where children who think they are in danger can go for help, Carey said.\"

\"It was unclear how long the children were alone before a patron found them in the adult nonfiction section and notified the staff, librarian Pat Cook said.\"

\"The girls had juice bottles and were running around, while the boy was in a stroller and had a milk bottle and a pacifier, Cook said. There were no notes or identification tags on their clothing.

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